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Exciting news guys! we have the amazing Lucy Duffy joining our little crew this week! We are so excited to start working with her and she is just as excited about getting to tattoo you lovely lot! She is a great all rounder able to tattoo every style to a high standard! Here is a small example of her work for you to enjoy! 

Resident Trad'lad Alex has been smashing out some incredible tattoo's this week as per usual! Check out these pieces he did this week! First up is this super cool reaper, who doesn't love a good reaper, amazing! next is this awesome elbow rose which Alex did while at Liverpool Tattoo Convention, not only is it awesome but it was actually the first elbow he has ever tattooed! How cool is that! and lastly but definitely not least is this incredible floral bouquet piece, both the reaper and the flowers are on one client! 

Leading lady Hannah has been busy this week (As always!) smashing out some incredible tattoos! here's a few for you to feast your eyes on! First up we have this super cute illustrative blackwork portrait of the clients cat, How cool is this! next up is this massive sternum piece she has started! stay tuned for the finished product! And lastly but certainly not least is this roses/geometric design that she has drawn up for a client! really excited to see how this one turns out! keep an eye out for the finished product! 

Cover up king/Chief of realism Danny has been doing some tattoos this week that are neither black and grey realism or a cover up! He's been well and truly pushing himself out of his comfort zone and he's been smashing it! Here's a few examples of what he's been up too! First up is this geometric/dotwork lotus, this was designed by Our apprentice Becky and tattooed by Danny! Talk about a dream team! and next we have a finished Bio-mech sleeve! this project Danny has been working on for a while and he's super happy with how it came out! how cool is this! 

Lastly Val has been looking after her ever growing baby bump this week so we have no tattoo pictures to post but keep your eyes peeled for some coming soon! 


And that concludes another week here at BKT

Thanks for looking, Much love!

BKT Crew! 



Pheww, What a week! Some of our BKT crew and the amazing Mandy from our sister studio Loaded Forty Four have just got back from this years Liverpool Tattoo Convention! here they are looking ready for a cracking weekend! 

(from left to right: Hannah, Hayley, Mandy and Alex)

Hannah smashed out so many awesome tattoos at Liverpool this year (Mostly Harry Potter themed!), Here is a small selection of them! First up we have this super cool Death Eater tattoo, (It's even in the right place!) How cool is this!, A must have for any self respecting dark witch or wizard! Next is this cute flowery mandala design! a classic! and last but definitely not least is this amazing night time mountain scene! Such a cool little design! 

Alex also smashed working his first ever convention! here are some examples of what he got up too! first up is this amazing dot work rose! Roses are such a timeless classic and this is no exception! next up is this cute Skull/Cat design Alex affectionately calls "Spoopy Cat" He has had this design drawn for a while and is super happy he got to tattoo it! and lastly just to mix it up a little here is a Graveyard/Ghost design he did just before he left for Liverpool! How cool is this!!

Val our resident Disney princess is back now after having a little time off to see family, here is a cute little Gus from Cinderella she did as part of an ongoing Disney leg sleeve! how cute is this! and as a special treat here is a awesome cross stitch she has been working on in her free time! For any cross stitch requests send Val a message!

Cover up king Danny has been up to his old tricks again not taking photos of his work! (Can't blame him though he is always busy!) so instead here is some flash that he would love to do! Great prices for the pieces that are still available! get in touch with us too book! 

And lastly a bit of news for you all, Sadly Dainty is no longer working with us at BKT, we wish him the best and hope he comes back for a guest spot soon! 


And that's that! Another week down!

Thanks for looking! 

Much love

BKT Crew x


Another week gone by too fast!, As usual we have been busy here this week. Here are a few of the tattoo's we did this week and even some pieces that are available to get this week! 


Alex our master of all things trad' has been busy smashing out some timeless traditional designs this week! first up is this really cool lady head with roses and leaves, as a bonus there is a healed horseshoe just underneath which was also done by Alex! It's always good when a client looks after the tattoos they get! Next up are these healed flowers on a forearm, how clean are these lines! And lastly but definitely not least here is a small A5 painting of a smoking punk girl which is available! Drop us a message to grab it before someone else does!

Our main man Dainty has been tattooing and painting up a storm this week! Check out this amazing stag/space scene! such a cool idea!, next up is this super cool Japanese themed flash sheet! how cool are these though! and in keeping with his Japanese style flash here is an amazing demon/spirit piece!  Dainty is available this week for all your tattooing needs!, drop us a message or pop in to book! 

Our leading lady Hannah is back from her holidays and has been hard at work again! Here are some of what she has been up too this week! First up is this awesome sunflower gap filler, next up is some progress shots of this massive geometric/blackwork sleeve Hannah is working on, how cool is this! Hannah loves doing big projects just as much as she does the little ones! And lastly is this healed Pew Pew Laser gun! So Awesome! 

Our Disney princess Val has been up too her usual tricks this week! Here is quite possibly the cutest Stitch tattoo in the entire world, how amazing is this! Next up is this Watermelon Momiji doll flash! How cute is this! and finally this amazing Pusheen floating ballon cat! Both the Watermelon Momiji doll and the Pusheen are available to be tattooed! Come down and grab them before someone else does! 

And finally Danny our cover up king and realism master has been up to his old tricks and not taking many pictures of the work he has been doing this week! so instead here is a clients photo of the supercool Cthulhu skull and magical sigils tattoo he did the other day! he is always up for doing some really cool occult stuff! Get in touch with your ideas!

And that wraps up another week here at BKT.

Thanks for looking! 

Much love.

BKT crew x


April already! This year's going too fast for my liking! Another busy week here at BKT, so here are some what we have been up too! 

Resident Trad' Lad Alex has been smashing out his signature Traditional style work this week! Check out this awesome gentleman and crow! how cool is this! real Edgar Alan poe vibes from this! Next up is this rose diver!, such a cool idea and amazingly done! and last but certainly not least is this straight up old school dagger with roses instead of the usual broken skin effect! again such a cool idea! 

Hannah our leading lady is still away at the moment but here are a few she did before she went on holiday!, first up is this amazing illustrative blackwork knight! this is a design Hannah has wanted to do for a long time and finally someone plucked up the courage to get it! how amazing is this though! next up is this classic Unalome, they are supposed to represent the path of life with all its twists and turns! lastly is a close up of a Mandala she did a while back with a clean break in it, such an interesting idea! 

Val out Disney princess has had a busy week this week!, First up is this amazing and colourful Totoro Russian doll design! How cool is this! Get in touch with Val for anything Studio Ghibli as well as Disney! Next up is this pair of super cute watercolour Stitch and Angel's how cure are these!! And lastly is this super clean line work tarot card design something a bit different for val but she smashed it! 

Danny our Black and Grey/Realism and Cover up king has been working his magic again this week! Here's a little bit of what he has been up too! First up is this massive rose covering the whole back of a leg! How cool is this!, more to come so keep your eyes peeled for this! next up is this cool memorial piece of a camera lens with a helicopter inside it! Such a cool design! and lastly is a healed picture of this realistic rose he did a few weeks ago! This almost doesn't look real it's that good! 

Dainty our newest recruit has been smashing out some amazing tattoos this week! First up is this amazing R2-D2 design! This is every Star Wars geeks (Us included) dream tattoo! possibly the nerdiest and coolest thing we have seen in a long while! next up is this super cool Bart Simpson/Clockwork Orange crossover from his flash such an original design! and finally here is some amazing blackwork bhuddist hands he has painted all ready to be tattooed! drop us a message or pop in to inquire! 


And so ends another week here at BKT.

Thanks for looking

Much love

BKT crew x


So it looks like spring as finally sprung! the suns out (even if it is still a bit cold!) and people are flocking to beer gardens all across the country, but not us! We are still here working to give you guys some top notch tattoos!

Our main man Dan has been working his magic again this week! Here are a few examples of what he has done! First up is this amazing realism rose/hummingbird cover up! how cool is this!, you can't even tell its covering anything! and how amazing is this start of a lower arm/hand sleeve! So clean! we are excited to see this finished! 

Val, our very own Disney princess has been busy drawing up designs for you guys to grab, even going as far as to do this amazing Pokemon trainer! How cute is this! Come get this and start your  very own quest to be the very best like no one ever was! 

Alex our resident Trad' Lad has reached another Tattooing milestone this week! His first cover up!, Watch out Danny, Alex is out for your Cover up king title! How cool is this! you can't even tell its a cover up at all! Click on the picture below to see the before and after images! 

Dainty our blackwork master has been smashing out some amazing illustrative blackwork pieces this week! First off check out this amazing scene from his flash that he adapted for a customer to include the Manchester skyline! So good! Next is this super clean dagger with some flowing ribbon! possibly the coolest looking dagger I have ever seen! and lastly but definitely not least is this Awesome dotwork crystal cluster! Amazing!

And that's it!, another week gone too fast! 

Any inquiries drop us a message or pop by the studio!

Thanks for looking! 

Much love

BKT Crew x


Another week of whacking some tough stickers on you lovely people!, Here are a few examples! 

Our resident Trad' Lad Alex as been bending over backwards this week, smashing out some awesome designs! Here's a few for your viewing pleasure! First up is this amazing Contortionist/Skull! How cool is this! he even added a gold tooth for extra cool points!, next up is this awesome blackwork sailor piece! and finally this very cool floral calf/foot piece!.

Dainty has been doing some more of his signature blackwork this week! First off here is a super cool bleeding eye with some lyrics from The Streets! Awesome!, next we have another geometric blackwork piece from his flash we posted a few weeks ago! How clean is this!, And lastly but by no means least, here is a awesome Japanese style headhunter/tengu mask he painted! How amazing is that! If you are after any Japanese style tattoos Dainty is your man! Drop us a message to inquire! 

Val, our resident Disney princess has been busy doing some artwork this week! have a look at this awesome mothers day piece, It's possibly one of the cutest things we have ever seen! If you want to grab any artwork for yourself then send us or val a message and she will be more than happy too draw you something you can hang up in your own home! 

Danny our realism king, has been getting better at actually taking pictures of his tattoos! so here is a Amazing realism handshake with some script done as a memorial piece for the clients brother! This is one of the best realism tattoos we have ever seen! Amazing as usual Danny!

And finally our leading lady Hannah is off on her well deserved jollies now for a few weeks! we hope she has an amazing time!

Thanks for looking! 


Much love



Space Octopus in Space!

Here are some tough stickers from this week!

Dainty has been smashing his blackwork this week! Here is a super cool hand holding the Ace of Spades! He has also done this cute little sternum unalome, and even found some time to paint this awesome black and grey snake that is availaible! Someone come claim this beauty before I do!

Alex our Trad' man has been doing what he does best this week, old school trad! Here is a awesome skull vase with roses! And how cool is this pin up/rose girl! such a cool idea combined with an unusual placement (Side of the knee) is always a winner! Alex has also drew up some flash that is all available to get! Drop us a message if you fancy one of these beauties!

Val our very own Disney princess has been so busy this week she hasn't taken any photos! so instead here is a piece of flash she finished this week! How cute is this!!

Our leading lady Hannah has been smashing out some of her signature illustrative blackwork tattoos this week! Here is a awesome illustrative Kraken/Mandala! how cool is this! She has also started taking bookings for May! if you want to book in with Hannah send us a message quick before all the days get filled! And as a special treat here is the finished product of the Astronaught/Octopus she did a few weeks back! 

Danny our resident cover up/realism artist is another one that has been so busy this week he hasn't taken any photos!!, so instead here is a colourful realism/abstract elephant he did a few weeks ago! How cool is this!! 

See you guys here same time next week! 

Much love, Thanks for looking! 




How is it March already! 

Here are some of the tough stickers we stuck on people this week! 

Trad' man Alex has been quite busy this week doing a wide selection of tattoos! Here are a few he has done!, First is this Amazing Anchor and Violets he did as a memorial piece for a clients grandmother! These are a pair of sun and moon tattoos he did, How cool are these! And finally here is a super cool blue rose! 

Our leading lady Hannah has been busy doing more of her signature geometric tattoos (Among other styles) this week! Here is a amazing, super fine line mandala on the front of a shoulder! A client even came in so she could get a healed picture of this geometric ditch she did a few months ago! And How cool is this! A traditional style totem pole tattoo! Amazing idea! 

Danny our realism/cover up king has done a wide selection of tattoos this week! Here is a Work in progress Virgin Mary he started, still a bit to go but it's looking amazing already! next is an Incredible realism elephant he did on a clients thigh! and just to mix it up a bit he did this little trad' umbrella! 

Dainty, our latest resident has been smashing out his blackwork this week! Here is an amazing Mjolnir and Norse dragon with Geometric filler!, He also did this super cool script on a clients forearm, And here is a little Unalome with a little pattern work frame! How cool is that! 

Our very own Disney princess Val has been doing what she does best again this week! More Disney! How cool is this dotwork cinderella's slipper! she also managed to grab a healed photo of this cool PowerPuff Girls Tattoo!, Also she has been busy drawing up more designs for you guys here are a selection of designs she has available! 


Thanks for looking! 

BKT crew x


After last week's day of tattooing ourselves we decided this week was the week to tattoo each other! Check out this amazing Black Flag Frog done by our very own Dainty in Alex! How cool is this, From Drawing to tattoo! Stay tuned for the Piece Alex does on Dainty in return! 

When he's not been tattooing other artists Dainty Has found time to do this Blackwork Lotus and Geometric Shape, he's also managed to draw up this Awesome Pufferfish that is available to be Tattooed!, And even managed to Paint a Sweet Japanese flash sheet, Check this out!  

Our Trad' King Alex has had a busy week! here are just a few of the tough stickers he stuck on people this week!, Check out this old school piece that was actually a design based of the clients dad's tattoo that he got many years ago! how cool is that! He also smashed out this amazing blackwork face melter design! and this colourful kingfisher bird on Sie's hand! 

Danny our Cover up magician has been working his magic again this week!, Check out this Amazing rose cover up he did over the top of a old unwanted tattoo! But cover ups are not the only things he does! he's also done this Amazing handprint, and he has also made a start on this pocket watch and roses themed sleeve!  

Val our resident Disney princess has been drawing up a storm this week!, She's done this cute little Illustrative Totoro and Japanese script, She has also done this colourful Script and flower piece! and she still managed to find time to do this Awesome chibiusa design! 

And lastly but by no means least, the Captain of our ship, Hannah has been also tattooing up a storm! She has had a busy week so here are a few of the tattoo's she did this week! She did this cool Unalome design, She also did this awesome mountain scene in a wolf head, how cool is that! she even also did this crazy spaceman/octopus Hybrid! Stay tuned for the finished product! 

And so marks another week here at BKT! 

Thanks for looking.

BKT xx



Even though it's been another busy week, Two of our artists, Hannah and Alex managed to find the time to tattoo themselves! 


King of Trad' Tattoos Alex has been busy doing some really cool pieces this week, like this amazing crying baby face, this cool Shell/Pinup hybrid piece and this blackwork planchette!  

Our leading lady Hannah has been busy this week doing a mix of styles! Some of the tattoos she has done are this amazing blackwork dragonfly, this colourful Harry Potter piece and she even managed to rework one of her own old tattoos! 


Dainty has been tattooing up a storm this week, some of the ones he has done are this amazing moth and crystals shin piece, this black and grey solar system and this blackwork peony! 

Val our lover of everything Disney has done these amazing tattoos this week!, This cute strawberry rose piece, this awesome blackwork peony and she has even had time to draw up this little Cinderella piece that is available to be tattooed!

Danny our resident cover up king has also been busy this week! (So busy that he forgets to take pictures of his finished pieces!)  Here is one of the tattoos he has been doing this week, he started this amazing skull and roses cover up, 

Thanks for looking!

As always, any enquiries hit us up on our Facebook or 



Heres some of the tough stickers we did last week at BKT.

Daniel our coverup king has done this awesome 3 in 1 cover up reaper aswell as this beautiful feather and start of a cool black and grey sleeve.

Alex has been doing a really cool mix of stuff this week, including this awesome Fresh Prince piece and this sweet deer and flowers piece and this bold and beautiful rose.

Hannah did awesome geometric lion piece this week as well as these cool coverup and reworked roses. Giving a cool and fresh look to the pieces.

Dainty did these cool finger tattoos as well as this super clean '1980' walk in piece and this awesome moth piece from his flash.

We also got busy decorating our front desk this week. Plenty more to come on it but this is gonna be a fun on going project!

With drawings from Han, Becky, Dainty and Alex. More contributors to come!

Thanks for looking.

BKT xx


Another sweet week over here at BKT.

Some cool tattoos left the door! Heres some from Han, Dan, Dainty and Alex.

Heres some paintings from the gang as well. One from Han, Val, Dainty and our apprentice Becky and a couple from Alex.

These are all available as tattoos! Give us a message if your interested in any of them!

We also came first place in the Apotheca in Manchester quiz on Sunday! Nothing to do with tattooing but we are pretty bloody pleased with ourselves! 

Thanks for looking!

As always, any enquiries hit us up on our Facebook or 




Another week at BKT full of cool tattoos, good vibes and brews!

Some sweet pattern from our very own HVF (Hannah) this week.

Daniel is such an awesome all rounder and heres some proof. 

Dainty is settling in nicely to BKT and even starting to grow on us a little haha. 

Alex has been doing his share of traditonal and illustrative dotwork pieces this week. 

We have Hayley over from our sister studio Loaded Forty Four in Swinton every Friday and Saturday for all your piercing needs. 

Give us a follow on instagram @bravestkidstattoo, on twitter @bkt_bury or add us on facebook.

Thanks for looking!



Heres some stuff thats left the doors of BKT this last week. 

New kid on the block Dainty did these two from his spacey cat flash and this sweet little sunflower. 


Some awesome colour pieces from our favourite Italian Val.



Even our black and grey man, Dan, has broke the colours this week with these beauts. 


The colour continues with Hannah this week, as well as this cool black pattern work piece.


Some sass and flowers from our Alex this week along with his first hand tattoo! 


Thanks for looking.




We have a new addition to the shop! We are pleased to welcome Dainty to BKT. His work is awesome, check it out at @dainty_tattooer on Instagram. He is fresh from working in Australia and travelling so is ready to tattoo you lovely people. 

Get in touch with him or through the studio on our facebook.


Thanks for looking.



Thanks to everyone who came down to our flash day celebrating the work of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins and his birthday. We were so chuffed with the response and you kept us all busy! 

Here's some of the ones we did.

We are already making plans for our next flash day so keep you eyes pealed for details on that!

Thanks for looking.



Heres from tough stickers done at Bravest Kids Tattoo.

First up is a mix of stuff from our classic all rounder and utter gent Dan.  

Hannah has been a busy bee with these beautiful pieces that left our door this week.

Some from really cool ones from Val this week. Some nice colour and then an epic bit of script on a thigh.

Alex has had some fun ones in this week as well as this big and beautiful black and grey traditional piece. 

Thanks for looking.